About the Company & Key Personnel

BiField™ is a Business Development Boutique that is focused on identifying investment opportunities, market analysis and project finance for both traditional companies, international trade and projects using Blockchain technology. We conduct Market Research and also engage in Trading & Sourcing when applicable to our efforts to identify business opportunies.  We work with North American, European, Chinese and African companies, and other emerging markets. We achieve measurable results by assisting organisations to exploit opportunities in those key markets.

We are an organisation of International partners and associates who have considerable experience, are well connected throughout the various regions and have the real market experience demanded by both our investors and clients.


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BiField Consulting was formed in Tokyo, Japan in 1999. Early on the company served as a vehicle through which to assist foreign IT companies in finding suitable acquisitions or investment targets in the Japanese market.

Key Personnel

Anthony Robinson – Director

He is a Business Development expert with over 25 years’ experience in Asia and North America.