Explore BiField’s transformation from a Tokyo-based IT consultancy to an internationally diversified business development boutique.

We started as BiField Consulting in Tokyo, Japan in 1999.

Early on the company served as a vehicle through which to assist foreign IT companies in finding suitable acquisitions or investment targets in the Japanese market. At the time, interest from Hong Kong, Singapore and the United States in the developing Japanese IT market was extremely high.

In 1999, few people in Japan knew what e-commerce was. What’s more, online payment systems simply did not exist. Foreign enterprises sought to arbitrage technical developments in their own country as a run up to what was expected to be a huge market for e-commerce in Japan.

BiField Consulting’s main clients were small and medium-sized companies in Hong Kong and Japan, along with the odd start-up looking for investment. However, BiField began to take a more active role in Japanese companies with sufficient investment to weather the eventual IT market turndown. The company worked with start-ups like ValueCommerce (a Yahoo-invested company which listed on Mothers in Japan, 2006).

In 2002, investment in IT had slowed considerably. And in the post-IT bubble environment, much of the world’s investments began looking to China, so in 2003, BiField Consulting changed its name to BiField Business Resources, Ltd. The name change reflected the various new services the company would offer, as it set up shop in the PRC’s financial juggernaut, Shanghai.

In 2013 BiField Trade Resources, Ltd. was formed to focus more directly on commodities and international trade and investment. The company is Seychelles registered, with offices in Hong Kong.

BiField continues to develop business that makes sense for the investing community in North America, aid foreign capital to enter Greater China, South East Asia and Africa and source commodities and technology to serve profitable humanitarian and industrial endeavours.

As of 2017, BiField has worked in the crypto and blockchain markets, consulting in North America, Greater Asia, including China and Europe, and introducing projects to key Asian markets.

The post COVID era finds BiField an affiliate company of Kryptk Pacific Mineral and partnered with companies engaged in Scalable Boutique Mining operations in the Philippines, and elsewhere in SE Asia.

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