Key Personnel

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Anthony Robinson - Director

From February 2017, Anthony consulted in the blockchain and cryptocurrency industry as a Business Development expert, first on an independent basis and then as a Vice President with FusionICO, a Blockchain and cryptocurrency consultancy in China. He produced the strategy for, and sold social media management, PR and marketing services to western companies entering Asia. Also, He advised start-up blockchain companies and ensured customers got the exposure they needed to successfully raise Seed, Private, or Pre-sale funds, leading to ICO, or STO/ETO. He closed over 90% of FusionICO’s business. He has been involved with some of the industry’s most renowned ICO projects, including: WePower, AidCoin, LeadCoin, Play2Live, MobileBridge,, XYO Network,, Celcius, RankingBall, CoinMetro, PumaPay, On.Live, HotNow, SyncFab, CardStack, to name but a few.

While in Shanghai, from 2004 to 2013 (and Toronto, Canada from 2014 to 2017), Anthony was involved with Commodities Trading/Sourcing and China/Asia market analysis for offshore financial institutions, including hedge funds, banks and brokerages: He worked with trading companies to facilitate commodities trading deals. He introduced counterparts, visited mining facilities all around Asia and Southern Africa. He analysed trends and conditions in the China market, on the ground and via China official statistics and conveyed same to foreign firms involved in trading of public stocks. He worked directly with clients, or via associate firms to provide information. He focused on mining and energy as well as facilitated trade in Nickel ore, Iron ore, Copper ore, Lead ore, Zinc ore, Petroleum products and Soybeans.

Prior to working with commodities, and the blockchain/cryptocurrency industries, his key areas of focus were Market Analysis and Market Entry Strategy and Implementation. We (BiField the company) researched market conditions, trends and opportunities, and identified acquisition targets or joint venture partners for primarily US and European Fortune 500 companies looking to exploit the opportunities China presented then and presents now. Far reaching, we assessed market conditions for companies looking at Japan, Korea, and Hong Kong, to a lesser extent.

Anthony specialises in assisting clients from any industry who plan to get investment from, set up business in or exploit opportunities in China specifically and Asia generally.

He holds a bachelor’s degree from the University of Toronto.

Jayson Elliott - Co-Director

Attorney, Technologist and serial entrepreneur. 23 years with startups in the software, construction and datacenter industries. Previously “Director of datacenter operations” for eBay Inc., CTO of products including Wolf App and Owner of BayLegal, PC, & Bitcoin Mine Operator.

Technology: Operations and management background in the dot com and mobile device development arenas with experience and knowledge of latest cloud technologies and solutions, including PaaS, SaaS, and IaaS. Extensive technology background in both software and hardware from the manufacturing stage to end user implementation.

Law & Finance: With two masters degrees in finance and currently overseeing operations of his law firm, in California, USA

Jayson is the Director of Bay Legal and received his Juris Doctorate from Santa Clara University and dual Masters Degrees in Business Administration from California State University Stanislaus and in International Finance from the Universite de Cergy-Pontoise outside of Paris, France.

In addition to his formal education, Jayson has worked for several high-tech companies in Silicon Valley including eBay, Lockheed Martin, and HP (formally Compaq / Tandem Computers).  He was a co-founder and technology consultant for two technology startups, the first in the dot com era and another more recently involved a social media app. He has operated several medium-sized small businesses in California, Washington, Nevada, and Mexico where he focused on construction, marketing, hospitality / real estate, and cryptocurrency mining.

Jayson grew up in Central California has lived in Mexico, France, and Southern China.  He has attended courses in international law and Finance in France, Germany, Singapore, Hong Kong, Mexico, and Cuba.  Mr. Elliott has spent the majority of his adult life in the south bay or on the peninsula where he now resides, in Palo Alto, California with his family.